{"cs":"Präsident – první kopřivnický automobil"}

Präsident – the first car from Kopřivnice

The construction of a replica of the Präsident issued from the absence of an original Präsident, the first car made in Kopřivnice, which has been included under the collections of the National Technical Museum in Prague since 1919. The main reason was that Kopřivnice was missing an exhibit that stood at the beginning of a typological line. The decisive impulse to the replica project was a refusal of a loan of the original by the National Technical Museum in 1972, on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of automobile industry in Kopřivnice. The construction of the replica was officially approved on 1 March 1974. At the beginning there was a search for the original drawings and technical documentation, photographs, and endless hours of preparatory works. There were 59 original drawings, which the designers copied in detail on 1,146 partial drawings and sets. This alone took 9,600 hours of design work. The delivery of the replica was managed by a group of 11 leaders, with over 600 employees being involved in the completion. The entire time spent on making the replica amounted to 27,000 working hours. The new engine started for the first time at the workshops of the Technical Museum on 9 August 1976. On the occasion of the replica’s presentation the original Präsident appeared in Kopřivnice for the last time. Both automobiles drove around the park next to Šustala Houses in Kopřivnice on 27 February 1977. Since then the replica has been an integral part of the collection. In terms of technology, materials, and appearance it is totally true to its authentic state in which the original drove out to its first long-distance haul in 1898, to Vienna, where it remained as a property of the Automobile Club of Austria.


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